2019 Hottest Colors for Window Treatments

2019 has just begun, and with every new year are new announcements for which colors will be the hottest. Experts from all fields make their big prediction on which color will take over for the year of 2019. These experts come from all fields: design, print, home decor, and paint companies, just to name a few. So we’ve gathered all of the experts choices and placed them here so we can start looking at how we will be adjusting our windows for 2019!

Experts color choices for 2019:

Living Coral, Cavern Clay, Nightwatch, & Blueprint.

These colors are vastly different from each other, but when choosing one to decorate it creates a beautiful theme of it’s own. Let’s look at inspiration and colors as window treatments and how they inspire color inside of our homes.

Living Coral

The color “living coral” brings a bright and happy color into the home. It is warm, inviting, and adds that “pop” everyone is looking for. It’s a perfect color transitioning into spring and summer. It also keeps your home feeling warm into the cooler months. Add pops of this color through window treatments, vases of flowers, and maybe even a painted end table!

This color originated just as the name states, from living coral. But there are so many iconic objects that inspire this color. Pull “living coral” from fresh flowers, sunsets, delicious drinks, and the tropical areas of the ocean. This color works in all kinds of decor themes and it will really brighten up any room when used for window treatments. Find your chic side with this shade!

Cavern Clay

“Cavern clay” is a very natural and earthy tone in addition to being a very warm tone. This color brings the feel of that midwestern clay, natural materials, and fabrics. Use this color as your window treatments and pair this with textures like leather and woven materials. Colors that compliment “Cavern Clay” include colors such as cactus greens, creamy whites, dark browns, etc.

This color is inspired by canyon walls, warm sun, and nature. Compliment your window treatments by decorating with cactuses, natural wood accents, leather brown pillows, and a beautiful woven area rug. This is sure to make your home feel warm and natural.


The color “nightwatch” is an extremely classy color choice for 2019. This color is bold, rich, and deep when used as pops of color in your home. It goes into that “jewel tone” territory that everyone loves and gives every room a “fancy” vibe. Choose this color for your window treatments if your planning on keeping your decor classy.

“Nightwatch” is inspired by rich, deep greens as it brings a bold color to any drab room. When you see this color you may think of evergreen, hunter green, jade, forest green, pine, emerald, and other naturally deep greens. It is a timeless color inspired by the bold and deep greens of the forest.


“Blueprint” is a beautiful, soft color to add to your home. If you’re looking to use this color for your window treatments, it creates a very calm atmosphere. Pair this “blueprint” color with any and all natural hues.


DE – 1999207158
PA – 022931
ROC – H-07-08469-23-00
PUT PC2087
CT – 614413
MA – 164413
NJ – 13VH01471700

RI – 30039WV – 046472
MHIC – 05 -129489
VA – 2705143467
NY – 1400431
New Hampshire – Not Required
Indiana – Not Required
Ohio – Not Required

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