4 Signs You Need New Windows & Doors

4 Signs You Need New Windows & Doors

Your home is trying to tell you something! Are you listening? From high energy bills and cold spots to fading and cracking, your home might be in desperate need of updates. These are some of the clear warnings that you might need to replace the windows and doors in your home.

1. Drafty Spots in your Home

Perhaps the most evident indicator that one or more of your exterior finishes need replacing, is a draft of cold or hot air– depending on the weather. If outside air is coming in through outdated or faulty windows and doors, you’ll easily be able to tell with a quick inspection that you can complete yourself.

Once you’ve noticed a draft in your home the first places you’ll want to investigate are your windows and doors, though your roofing and siding could be culprits as well. Go ahead and check for an air leak around the frame of your window or door and any glass. To do so, carefully glide your hand along its perimeter. For a window or glass-heavy door, be sure to feel around both the frame and the glass itself. Should there be a leak, you will soon be able to detect the spot it’s coming from.

One other way to inspect your windows, is to hold your hand on the glass directly for at least 10 seconds. Is it too warm, too cold? This could mean the panes of glass themselves aren’t sufficient for keeping outside temperatures where they belong.

If your windows or doors fail these inspections, it could mean that you need to have them replaced. When it comes to windows we recommend choosing those with double-pane, double-strength panes of glass. These will pass the touch test every time, all while protecting your home against the weather outside. For doors, any style or material you choose from Castle will be able to stand up to the weather with our sturdy frames and first-rate insulation.

2. High Energy Bills

Your windows and doors help to protect your home from the elements of the world outside. But that can quickly change if they need to be replaced. One of the ways to know if they won’t cut it anymore is to look at your energy bills.

Are they rising?

If so, that could mean your current windows and doors aren’t doing their job of keeping the outside out. Those that are outdated or compromised will naturally allow more air to leak in and out of the home. This ultimately increases the amount of energy needed to maintain the temperature that keeps you and your family comfortable.

According to energy.gov, your old windows and doors could be responsible for 25%-30% of your heating and cooling costs. By keeping them, you will end up spending more money in the long run. So when you are shopping for your replacements, be sure to look for the Energy Star logo. This certifies that your new windows and doors have what it takes to lower your energy use and save you money.

3. Appearance

If your windows and doors have visible weather erosion, it could be that they’re no longer up to par. Not only will they be less capable of protecting your home, but it could significantly impact the resale value. If you’re not quite sure what to look for when examining the appearance of your windows and doors, first take a look at your neighbor’s. How do they look by comparison?

If any fixtures of your home, exterior or otherwise, pale in comparison to the surrounding neighborhood you’ll have a hard time getting a good price when it’s time to sell. It’s always beneficial to at least freshen up your front door. This is one of the first things buyers will see, so it’s important to make a good impression!

Even if resale value is not of concern to you, worn windows and doors can mean a number of things. If there are any noticeable cracks anywhere, this is an indication that your windows or doors might not be performing their best. Cracks, whether on the surrounding frame or window/door itself, will allow air to creep into your home. When something’s main purpose is to protect the indoors from the outdoors, it has to be done right and there’s no room for error.

4. Operation 

Before anything else, you might notice problems with your windows or doors simply because they’re not operating like they used to. This could be from a multitude of problems, and they might only need repair rather than whole replacement. If you have Castle windows installed in your home, we service them at no charge for life!

In any case that a repair just won’t get the job done, you should definitely consider completely replacing your windows and doors. These fixtures of your home should be quick and easy to open, while always locking properly to keep you safe. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your well being just because your door isn’t operating properly!

Doors and windows that are difficult to open generally have some other underlying defects that can contribute to some of the issues that are mentioned above. The best way to maintain their integrity is to keep them clean. With Castle’s low cost, high quality, double-hung windows it’s simple to prolong the life of your investment.

Castle Windows continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing window and door replacement. All of our products are carefully inspected to ensure quality, longevity and unmatched security. Meanwhile, our installation teams are meticulously vetted for talent, experience and customer relations. We pride ourselves on serving superior home improvement products along the east coast, while consistently ranking as one of the top recognized service and installation companies in the nation. Contact us today to speak to one of our home improvement experts!

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To receive a free estimate for new windows, doors, and/or siding for your home, please fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you with a quote soon!

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