Are Replacement Windows a Good Investment? 

Are replacement windows a good investment? The answer is yes! That’s right, we wrote a thousand words only to cut right to the chase in the first ten. You’re all set. You can officially and confidently put that down payment on the new windows you’ve been dreaming about. 

Wouldn’t it be great if decision making was that easy? 

So many decisions in life, whether they be big or small, start off with asking yourself the same question, “Am I doing the right thing?” Finding yourself there can be scary and even intimidating. Are the consequences severe if it was the wrong thing? Can you handle those consequences? 

Replacement windows can be a fairly large financial undertaking for most people, making it a lengthy and important decision making process. It probably won’t be the most high stakes decision you’ll ever make, but it still poses that same question. Are you doing the right thing? 

Like we said, replacement windows are a good investment, but they are just that, an investment. If you put money toward this thing now, you will see returns in the future– in more ways than one. 

Return on Investment 

We know homeowners are always being told that if they invest in specific upgrades to their home, the resale value will increase. And if you’re a homeowner, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it. Nobody wants to be told where, when and how they should spend their hard earned money– all so some abstract future resident can enjoy their home. 

At the end of the day, your home is yours and you should invest in your happiness first and foremost. So you love some quirky wallpaper but buyers don’t, who cares! Invest in yourself.

The great thing about replacement windows, however, is that you don’t have to choose between joy and financial return. You get that all wrapped into one. According to a recent Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine, “an upscale vinyl window replacement has a return of 73.4%” That’s right, you can have your cake and eat it too. Any potential buyer will gush over that beautiful bay window you just had to have.

Improve Energy Efficiency 

There are many reasons people decide to get new windows for their home. It could be a visual upgrade, perhaps they just want to improve the appearance of the home. Many times people have to replace their windows in response to damage caused by a storm or accident. What’s even more than likely, however, is that your windows have simply been at it for a long time. As a result of decades in the elements, they suffer from the usual wear and tear. That sort of damage and weathering can also lead to your heating and cooling running inefficiently, which costs you more money on your energy bills.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can keep your energy bills low– one of the most efficient options, of course, is to replace your old windows. Replacing your old windows with more energy efficient options in particular, could save you up to 25-30% on your energy bills, according to the Department of Energy. Energy Star certified options like the ones offered at Castle Windows will allow you to save energy and money! Energy Star says you can actually save from $125 to $340 a year on energy costs with efficient windows. Over time, this is quite a substantial savings.

Function and Design

We’ve talked a big talk about increasing the resale value of your home and saving money on your energy bills by replacing your windows with Energy Star certified options. Both are great reasons to take the leap and invest in new windows for your home. However, there are reasons beyond financial return that make window replacement worthwhile for many people. 

The big one? You. What do you like? What do you need? Do you hate how hard it is to clean your old windows? A Castle double-hung window features a tilt-in top and bottom sash that allows for easy cleaning. What’s more is it compliments and even looks beautiful on any style of home. Or maybe you absolutely love to cook, and a little indoor herb garden is the thing of your dreams. Well, it doesn’t have to be! With one of Castle’s garden windows in your kitchen, you can let the sunshine in and your herbs will prove to be bountiful all year long.

Whatever you need from your replacement windows, Castle has the styles to offer you function and beauty. And if you’re not quite sure or just having trouble deciding, check out this guide on which window style is best for you and ask yourself these questions. You’ll be more prepared for this decision than any other. 

If you still find yourself asking whether or not replacement windows are a good investment, let us reiterate– the answer is yes! You will not regret replacing your old, drafty windows with more functional and beautiful new windows. A new set of windows can bring in more natural light, fend off any intrusive noises outside, as well as expand your views of the outdoors. Hopefully by now you know that you are doing the right thing and those consequences that come with it? Beautiful windows, improved energy efficiency, better functionality, more natural light, expanded views of the outdoors, better noise blocking. The list goes on! We’d say that those are consequences you can definitely handle, without a doubt. 
Now that you’ve decided to finally replace your old windows, head to to get your free estimate and speak with a window expert that will put any window worries you have left to rest!

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