The Benefits of Installing a Window at Your Kitchen Sink

The Benefits of Installing a Window at Your Kitchen Sink



Is your kitchen a solid room of cabinets? This can make any kitchen look dark and crowded. The best solution is to install a window. And the best spot to install a window is at the kitchen sink. Having a window at the kitchen sink not only brings natural light in, but it also makes the kitchen feel more open and relaxed. Without a window in the kitchen, it can feel like you are crowded with cabinets and appliances, this breaks that up. Your kitchen will go from dark to modern with the one simple change. Let’s look at all the benefits to ad added kitchen sink window:



Growing Your Own Herbs



You may love to cook and be your own master chef or you may not love cooking. Either way, growing fresh herbs will transform any dish. If you don’t love to cook, fool your friends with adding these fresh ingredients when entertaining. Not only does growing your own herbs super boost your meals, it adds greenery to the kitchen. In adding fresh herbs to a kitchen window it gives your kitchen that natural, organic, farmhouse feel. People will walk in and feel refreshed by the crisp herbs in the window. Not to mention you can grow them organically, that’s an extra plus!



Pass-Through Shelf for Outdoor Eating



Having a window right in your kitchen will greatly improve your outdoor entertaining experience. Simply add a shelf on the outside of the window and you have a serving station right from the kitchen to your backyard! Add some stools and now you have an extra dining spot! Barbecuing burgers? Place all the toppings through your new kitchen window, no more juggling, running back and forth, and opening a backdoor to get everything out. When everyone’s done with their meal, simply place the dishes back through the window and right into the sink. This is probably the greatest idea since sliced bread happened.



Easy Access to Dry Spices



If you have a window at your sink, you can jazz it up a bit by setting up spice racks around it, or on the sides of your cabinets if you have them next to the window. If you don’t have that green thumb to grow your own spices, this is your next best option and it still looks nice. Purchase some decorative glass spice containers and you’re good to go. It’s a great way to add a touch of kitchen decor as well as quick and easy access to your ingredients.



Bring in Natural Light


As stated earlier, kitchens without windows tend to look dark and crowded. Break up that full top row of cabinets with the natural light. Natural light in any kitchen looks great, it’ll bounce off any shiny appliance and glossy countertops. A window bringing in natural light will completely liven the place up.

-Sarah McLean, Castle Windows


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