How To Save Money with these 10 Energy Efficient Hacks

Are your monthly bills stacking up right before your eyes?

Not to worry, I have the solution to your problem…make that 10 solutions. There are so many ways to generate energy out of things that already exist in your home. The trick is how to utilize them in a way that will lower your energy bills. Here are a few energy efficient hacks that will save you money this year!


1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
Light bulbs are hungry, and they’re going to eat as much energy as possible. On their own, they don’t eat much, but take a minute to think about how many light bulbs you have in your home. It adds up, and you’re feeding an entire family of light bulbs. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL’s) use up t0 75% LESS energy! That means: every 4 days a CFL bulb stays on, it uses as much energy as a regular light bulb uses for one day!




2. Replace your filters
You need to maintain your home’s furnace regularly in order for it to perform efficiently. The furnace will be forced to work harder to pump air throughout the house if the filter is dirty, on top of potential damage to the furnace itself. Change your filter once a month and watch your energy bill shrink before your eyes. A clean filter means a clean energy bill. 




3. Turn off the power strip connected to your electronics 
Have you ever heard of “vampire devices”? These sneaky little buggers are the devices that are turned off but remain plugged into a power source, let’s say… a power strip. You may think your electronics aren’t using energy when they’re turned off, but you’re mistaken. If they’re plugged in, they’re still using energy. You can conserve that energy by unplugging the power strip as a whole or unplugging the devices individually.




4. Wash your clothes in cold water 
Heat costs money! Wash your clothes in cold water to save that money. Try drying them on a line to save on machine drying, too! If you happen to be machine drying, don’t over-fill. Make sure you leave enough space for hot air to circulate, so your laundry doesn’t take as long to dry.



5. Shut down your home computer every night 
Turning computers off completely can help extend the life of the components. It also saves energy, whereas putting your computer in sleep mode still draws power. Small changes like this can make a real difference in your energy bill. 




6. Cross-Ventilate 
Create a natural ventilation system in any room of your house. Open windows/doors across the room each other to create cross-ventilation. Fresh air will come in through a window/door on one side of the room and push hot air out of the window/door on the other side of the room. This also works with windows/doors across an entire house. 




7. Become Friends with your Fans
Did you know that ceiling fans have winter and summer settings? It’s true! The flow of air depends on the direction the blades are going. In the summer, the blades should be on a counterclockwise setting. This will blow the cool air down and circulate it throughout the room. In the winter, the blades should be on a clockwise setting. This will circulate the warm air throughout the room. 




8. Vegetation is Key
Adding vegetation around your home has many benefits. Planting shrubs close to your home can add insulation value. It also adds protection from cold winds in the winter and high heat in the summer. Natural shade around your air conditioning unit increases energy efficiency by up to 10%. 



9.Install motion sensors, dimmers, and timers
You wouldn’t believe how much energy is wasted just by leaving lights on in your home. If you’re looking to become more energy efficient and also can be forgetful at times, motion sensors are a necessity!The best areas in your home to place motion sensors are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Hallways
  • Entry Ways
  • Guest Rooms
  • Children’s Rooms
  • Closets 

Dimmers are essential to an energy efficient home. Using dimmers decreases the overall wattage and output of the light bulb. It also adds a nice ambiance to any room of your home, what a plus!
You may be familiar with timers being used for holiday lights and decorations. Have you ever considered them for everyday use? The answer should be yes! You can use manual timers or programmable timers. Let’s face it, it’s 2019. Efficiency and convenience go hand in hand when it comes to technology, so programmable is your best option. A programmable timer will hang on your wall, like a thermostat. The times are all adjustable for each light, and they won’t change unless you want them to. 






10. Window Replacements!
Replace your old windows with something more energy efficient! Who better to get the job done than Castle Windows! There is no better way to conserve energy AND increase the value of your home with our products and lifetime warranty!



-Noelle Krevetski, Castle Windows


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