How To: Create A Luxury Home On A Budget

Who says you have to spend tons of money to make your home look luxurious? What if I told you that with a little boldness and creativity you could transform the stale styles of your home with a few simple touches.

Swap out your throw pillows.


Small changes go a long way. It’s time to get rid of your tired throw pillows and replace them! Liven up your sitting areas with bright colored throw pillows or pillow covers. Use funky patterns and prints to give the room some personality.

Update your fixtures.


Changing out door knobs, door handles and small fixtures is a must. Little details here and there give your home character and you can do it for a low price. New fixtures will give your home a fresh look. Like I said, small changes go a long way. 


Make a Statement.

Statement pieces stand alone as well as complement the space around them. A modern light fixture accompanied by DIY box shelves and some greenery is a simple yet elegant upgrade to any kitchen. It’s clean and pleasing to the eye. A white, fluffy area rug will add a luxurious touch to your sitting room. Pop a pillow and some magazines down there and you’ve created a cozy place to catch up on your reading.


How’s your bathroom lookin’?

Nothing says luxury like a nice bathroom. Throw a backsplash behind your sink area or toilet. Hang a mirror that makes you feel like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks. I can’t stress this enough, add some greenery. Even if you use fake plants, it’s important for your home to feel alive.

Art Art Art.

You never want too much going on in your home. It’s healthy to space things out and give each room a story so you don’t overwhelm yourself and others. A few head-turning art pieces will certainly give any room in your home the personal charm it needs, without doing too much. 

-Noelle Krevetski, Castle Windows 


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