Undecorating & Staying Organized

The new year is upon us, and this holiday season has officially come to an end. An end that can feel like a screeching halt when you realize all of the holiday cheer you have to put back in a box. Your baubles, your knick-knacks, your trinkets and your tchotchkes— all stuffed away to painstakingly sort through next year. But why must it always be so painful?

For the love of all that is next year’s you, be thoughtful when you take down your holiday decorations this year. We know it can be tempting to toss it all in a bin and call it a wrap. Nevertheless, taking the time to organize your string lights, ornaments and garland will mean a more joyous holiday season in the following year. We guarantee it!

Sure, taking down your holiday decorations can be a daunting task, but with a little planning you’ll be done in no-time. Follow these tips for a seamless transition to your post-holiday home.


One of the first tasks you should tackle when un-decorating your home from the holiday season is putting your ornaments away. It can be difficult to efficiently break-down any other decor with the many little ornaments still standing in the way. 

For your smaller and more fragile ornaments, store them in an egg carton. It really is as simple as that! The soft cardboard and individual spaces for each piece will protect your precious decor from any unseemly damage. 

When it comes to the larger but still delicate ornaments, take some disposable cups, line them in a designated bin and place a single ornament in each cup. This kind of acts like a giant egg carton. When the box is inevitably jostled around in transport throughout the year, the ornaments are safe and secure from any breakage. 


Wreaths can be a tricky one to put away. If you stuff them in a bin, they’ll lose a bit of their flare for next year. But what other options are there? Well, we’ll tell you! One of our favorite ways to store wreaths includes two things you likely already have laying around the house. A hanger and plastic wrap. 

Carefully wrap the wreath in the plastic wrap (not too tight, but not too loose) to protect it from friction and dust throughout the year. Then, simply place it on the hanger and hang wherever you’d like! This idea is especially helpful if you store your decor in a closet. Although, even if you’re in the majority of people who don’t, it’s a great option for any storage area. 

Artificial Christmas Trees

If you have the space to stow your artificial Christmas tree vertically, we highly recommend doing so to save your current and future self from a potential holiday headache. First and foremost, in any tree dismantling situation, you’ll want to make sure you’ve removed all the decorations. This includes ornaments, garland, and any lights that aren’t a permanent fixture of your tree. 

Now you’ll want to push the branches upward, to slim down your tree. We know you put a lot of care in meticulously fluffing them up before the holiday, but their time to shine has come to a close. Don’t worry, you’ll meet again at the end of the year! 

For this next step, you might need an extra set of hands. Take the tree off its base, and slide it in a large trash bag. When the end of the tree pole hits the bottom of the bag, don’t stop there! Keep pushing until it rips a perfectly sized hole in the bag and place it back on the base. You’ll then want to slide another large bag over the top of the tree and secure the two bags together. You can do this any way you like, but zip-ties or bungee cords are always efficient options. 

Another great way to store your artificial Christmas tree is by bagging each piece separately. One of the most difficult parts of pulling your decorations out at the start of the holiday season is lugging that big tree where you need it. 

Once all your ornaments and detached string lights are removed, start by disassembling your tree. Compress the branches of each section and carefully place them in separate bags. You don’t have to get fancy with this, trash bags are more than enough! Tie the bags tightly to ensure your tree is protected from any dust and moisture. 

Now, you can put each piece in a separate bin to save you from an aching back this year and next! And if you’re worried about too many back-and-forth trips, place each piece in bins you’re already using. One piece goes with your nativity scene and the next with your garland. No extra trips needed!


We’ve all been there at the start of the season— the drumroll is sounding, holiday cheer is soon to flicker on, and… nothing. Don’t be a Griswold, think ahead for the sake of your future self’s sanity. 

We know you’re eager to be done with the tedious task that is sorting and organizing Christmas lights. However, before you begin putting them away you’ll want to test each strand. Make sure they’re all working properly, that way you don’t waste your precious time and effort on lights you can’t use again next year. Now comes the time to actually put them away. 

All those boxes left over from gifts? Cut out a piece of the cardboard and wrap your string lights around it for easy storage and no untangling next year!

Now get to it!

If you follow our tips, you will have successfully and mindfully stowed away your holiday decorations with the love and care you deserve next holiday season. 

No more tangled balls of lights, broken tree branches or flat wreaths. With help from Castle Windows, you can jump into it next year with grace! 

There is one more thing you should do this year… make it a good one! 

Happy New Year!

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