What is your Dream Home Style?

Everybody has a dream home, what’s yours? Maybe you dream of living in a farmhouse style home, or you like more of a contemporary feel. The style of your home is important for self expression. The details down to the front door showcase your own personal style. So, why not turn your house into your dream home? Here are the most common home types and how you can achieve these looks for your own home!


A contemporary home is very spacious and modern. The decor is minimal, yet bold, depending on your personal style. Minimalists aim for the least amount of clutter possible and cling to furniture and fixtures with with clean lines. Statement pieces are are a staple in a contemporary style home. For example, a white couch with bright colored throw pillows, or an accent wall with a large painting. Potted plants here and there are common, mostly greens with pops of color. Natural light and large windows are a MUST to give your home the modern feel.


Are you a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to your home style? Do you like funky patterns and textures? If so, your home style is eclectic. Not everyone wants to commit to one style. Sometimes, you want a piece of everything. In my case, I like a contemporary style home with rustic and Victorian flare. I like to call it “organized chaos” because everything comes from a different train of thought, however, one piece complements the next in a very cool way. Wondering how you might decorate an eclectic style home? For starters, the more, the better. Throw a Victorian style day bed in your sun room with a colorful ottoman. Thrift some statement chairs with bold colors and patterns and cool the room down with some hanging potted plants. 



Timeless, classic, a home style that will never go out of style, Victorian. This home style will take you back in time with its elaborate trim and bright colors. High ceilings are very common, along with columns and archways. Be prepared for hardwood floors throughout. Victorian style homes also have unique shapes, especially when it comes to their rooftops. The devil is in the details, for sure.


Are you the woodsy type? Do you like the feeling of being in a cozy log cabin? If so, your dream home style is Rustic. You can do a lot with the rustic style. Your entire home can be rustic, or you can add pieces here and there to give you that same atmosphere. For example, an eclectic style home could have raw edge wood shelving that looks like it was JUST cut from the tree. Maybe, you want to throw some industrial light fixtures up on the wall or ceiling. The house can be entirely made of wood, floor to ceiling. The sky is the limit!


Beach House

Hello paradise! If you’re a beach bum like me, this is the dream home style for you! I know I said I have an eclectic style, but if you throw those features into a beach house, that is my ultimate dream home! I don’t think I’ve met a single person who wasn’t happy just being in or around a beach house. The salt water air blowing through an open door, the entire house filled with natural sunlight, colorful fixtures, and one of my favorites, music playing and the sound of the pool filter outback (or if you have little ones, splashes and laughter). In the case of the beach house, the environment plays a huge role.

Obviously, there are tons of different home styles and everyone has their personal tastes. That’s why I am placing a suggestion box below! If there is anything you would like to read about, feel free to email us with your suggestions! 

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